I paint in oil. The choices of motif are simple shapes in a diffuse reality; tranquility and tension meet. I am attracted to the bold beauty of ugliness; people, landscapes, horses, houses and diverse objects. Nothing is perfect.

Originally, I am a psychologist and for many years now I have worked as a consultant within recruitment and leadership development. In 1994, I started to paint. After various courses in drawing, life-drawing, and painting I studied privately with the artist, Åke Arph between 1995-2008. With Åke’s help I have been able to find my base and my artistic expression. Through self-study and many travels, mainly to New York and the western parts of the US, I have also gained knowledge and inspiration that has led me further in my development.

From seeming like two separate worlds, today psychology and painting are blending together to form a whole. I explore the human condition and what happens in our identities and relationships. With the brush I capture the nuances of our existence. No life is purely simple or purely complicated. No relationship is the solution to our searching. That is why I keep on painting.

Since 2013 I live on a small island in the Stockholm archipelago. There I also nowadays have my studio.